Monday, June 4, 2007

Knight online

Knight online features

Look up, friend, and notice the clouds. When you become tired of endless mouse-clicking over dreary landscapes, come to the world of Knight Online and lose yourself in the beautiful sky.

The minute you acquaint yourself with the white clouds and the eagles in the sky, you’ll find yourself caught in the charm of a true 3D online game. Knight Online is the first game to successfully introduce the “Party System” in Korea. Raising your character’s level, acquiring new items, and becoming the strongest player should not be all that an online game has to offer.

We invite you to the World of Knight Online, where you’ll find a player
with better game manners may become more respected than a player
with expensive items; in a party system where you help your fellow
players to advance. A prominent and exciting feature of
Knight Online is the involving, persistent,
large-scale war between players.

When a player first registers and creates a character, he
must choose between two nations, El Morad,
the nation of the human race, and Karus,
the nation of Orc tribes.

The successful player will seek to join forces with others of
his or her nation in order to obtain victory. That character may become
a hero in Knight Online, through battle. He may also receive a title and
reward from the King, become the lord of his own castle, and
even rule over a city.

Ongoing development,
Constant growth through player interaction,
Beautiful and engaging environments.

That is Knight Online.

Here you can download Knight online

Supreme destiny online

Intro of Supreme Destiny (

In a flash of light, and a sound that reverberates through your bones, you finally arrive at the city of Great Armia. Ears still ringing, you look around, tightly clasping the tattered note. You are greeted with a sea of unfamiliar faces, most with a look as lost as yours. The teleportation didn't leave you naked, but it didn't provide anything more than meagre provisions to ensure continuous survival either. A quick check in your backpack produced only some old garbs, a frail weapon and a few potions. You realise it will be up to you then, if you want to survive in this strange land.

The streets begin to fill with people as soft winds blow into the city, caressing your skin gently with its cool breeze. The chill persuades you to pull your rags closer to your body. The thought of curling up into a warm corner beside a hearth seem very appealing at this moment, though you're not sure if it's because you feel cold or... it is because you feel so lonely?

Then, right at that moment, you suddenly remembered the dream.

What a strange dream it was! You remember standing in a desolate land that seemed to be shrouded with doom. Those... beasts. They kept coming by the hordes, driving a lone warrior to the ends of the mountain plateau. The warrior tirelessly swung his sword around in a desperate attempt to slay the beasts, or at the very least intimidate them into submission. But there were just too many of them, constantly pushing him nearer and nearer to the edge of the cliff.

As swiftly as the winds changes flow, you suddenly realised that the eyes of the hideous creatures seemed to be staring right into yours! Confused, you looked around for the warrior, and then realised that you were the warrior. For a moment, you were stunned by the abrupt turn of events. Yet the army of fetid monstrosities advancing forward compelled you to react immediately. You frantically swung your blade around as you tried to imitate how the warrior previously defended himself. Strangely, the blade felt familiar, and your movements with it were fluid, as if you had spent many years training with the weapon. Even so, your efforts could not hold back the unending tide of claws and teeth. A brutish claw raked your side, and you collapsed to the hard ground. Not wanting to give up just yet, you hastily tried to get back up on your feet. And yet, before you even had time to raise your blade, another blow knocked you off the edge of the cliff -- but not before you managed to desperately grab onto the ledge.

It was a long way down. A fall that meant death for sure. You tried to repress your fears, to find a way to climb back up. But all you could think of was the revolting cries of the approaching beasts above as your bloody fingers strained to cling to rapidly crumbling hope. You closed your eyes, waiting for the Reaper to claim the last strands of your fragile life.

Suddenly, an intense explosion shook the ground, almost causing you to lose your grip. Deafening screams could be heard from the beasts above, and blistering cold blue fire brushed against your fingers.

Total silence.

You looked up expecting to see Hel, the Goddess of Death. Instead, a female form stretched out her hands, and with a firm grasp on your arm, she pulled you up. Dark raven hair framed her pale face, but she was no mistress of the underworld... her warm smile told you that, and for a brief moment, you saw the image of the grateful warrior reflected in her beautiful eyes.

Swirling clouds and flashes of movement coalesced into images of another figure darting through a night forest. This combatant was not decked in hard metal armour. Instead, he was clothed in soft animal leather with the head of a lion as his helm. A mob of aggressive creatures dogged after him furiously. He stood in the middle of a clearing, obviously surrounded by the ambush. Would he share a similar fate with the mighty warrior?

As if he was answering your question, the fighter swiftly morphed into a gigantic black bear and promptly clawed his way to victory. Could he be a druid? Remarkable!

Another scene change in the dream, and you see the three heroes marching up a hill overlooking a village. A quaint hamlet that seemed familiar even though you had never laid eyes on it before.

The three companions stood for a moment on the hillock, and watched as a large shadow began to envelop the village. Across the valley, thick black clouds formed and rose above the sky while a figure in dark robes stood amidst a stormy tempest. You felt intense power of an incredible nature emanate from his glowing hands, summoning forth a magnificent dragon! With a few breaths of infernal yet beautiful fury, the dragon rained destruction all around, erasing the village from existence, and annihilating all traces of life in the surrounding area. Or so you think... The dream became fuzzy after that.

Still standing in the town square, you ponder the significance of the dream for a moment. You eventually get distracted by the racket around you that seems to grow louder every minute. A huge crowd of people was gathering at the gate on the east side of town. From all the chatter, you manage to hear something being muttered about wild boars lurking outside the town. Naturally, you run over to inspect.

" Training grounds", the sign read. Above the murmurings of the crowd, you hear cries of boars and a few other unrecognisable animals from beyond the gate. Looking at the note in your hand again, you read the same line that you had read a hundred times before: "Achieve your Supreme Destiny". This time though, something different was happening. Smoke started surfacing from the note and you quickly drop it in fear of burning our fingers. How had it caught on fire? There wasn't a flame-brand around for yards. Once the smoke had stopped, you quickly retrieve the note from the dusty ground and looked at it in amazement. There was now a strange symbol on the back of the note: two golden letters spelling S and D, surrounded by intricate silvery-grey knots.

Well now, you think, if this wasn't some sort of omen then someone would probably have to shout in your ear to tell you what you were supposed to do. Readying the flimsy weapon in your pack, you square your shoulders with firm resolve and start walking out the gate.

It's almost dinner time anyway, you chuckle to yourself.

Here you can download Supreme Destiny online

RAN online

RAN online(

The Omen began 18 years ago in Asia. This was where the day became night. Total darkness enveloped the land. All was calm and peaceful until the stars started to fall. Never before has the sky so littered with falling stars. The land just watched and waited.

16 years after the eclipse, a new power emerged throughout the land. The government and the people tremble to this entity’s influence and will. It was called, Sacred Financial Group, an organization surrounded by wealth and power yet clouded in a shroud of myth and mystery. What is known about this organization is that four unique institutions were founded and funded by this group. The institution names were as mysterious as their founding organization. One was called Sacred Gate; the second was named Mystic Peak, the third Phoenix and last was named Leonine Campus.

The initial outlook of these institutions is like any renowned sports institution in the land. Potential students have to go through stringent assessments and only top athletes are selected. Its only when students start attending the schools, they find that things are very different.

The four institutions were built with strange architecture and structures. From an initial glance, one could almost feel that the four institutions were arcane in nature. What is even more mysterious, the institutions do not follow any conventional syllabus. Many strange events and practices made new students very uncomfortable. They were initially confused and bewildered. Strange and unconventional as the syllabus might be, it is, however, very difficult and both taxing on the mind and body. Students will adapt and fall into the school’s routine. Rumors are abound that the students in these institutions are trained in conventional and non conventional combat skill, some techniques even beyond those used by the military.

So far, things are calm and peaceful. But somewhere deep inside the four institutions there is an unspeakable force that lies dormant, waiting and biding its time. Uncertainty, Fear, Anxiety are in everyone’s heart… but on the other hand, they feel excited about the destruction, and long to destroy… the evil self that was hidden in their deep souls…As for the four institutions, each student just trains and waits…

Game interface

1. Character’s Status Window
HP: When HP becomes "0", the character will die. Before the HP drops down to "0", HP can be restored by using the HP Restoration Potion or by taking a rest.
MP: The spirit consumed when utilizing the skills. If the MP is insufficient, players will not be able to use their skills, it can be restored by using the MP Restoration Potion or by taking a rest.
SP: Strength needed when doing attacks. Continuous attacks will consume more SP. Player won’t be able to attack if the SP is insufficient, strength can be restored by using the SP Restoration Potion or by taking a rest.
EXP: Experience points (in %) a character acquires in respective level. EXP can be gained through combating with enemies and accomplish missions. When EXP reach 100%, character will advance to a higher level.

2. Tools Shortcut Bar

* Register all the consumable items in the Tools Inventory Window, for immediate use.
* Use the left mouse button to select all the consumable items in the Tools Inventory Window, place it in the Tools Shortcut Bar to complete the registration.
* There are six shortcut keys Q, W, E, A, S, D available.
* To cancel the registration of the Tools Shortcuts, just right click on the respective tool’s shortcut.

3 Skills Shortcut Bar

* Register all the skills acquired from the Skills Window into the Skills Shortcut Bar, for immediate use. (Only Initiative Skills are allowed here)
* Use the left mouse button to select all the skills acquired in the Skills Window, and place it in the Skills Shortcut Bar to complete the registration.
* There are 1~ 0 shortcut keys available.
* To cancel the registration of the Skills Shortcuts, just right click on the respective tool’s shortcut.

4. Compass and Grid Reference

* To confirm the character current position, it consists maps and grid reference info.
* The current game’s date and time are shown in the bottom part of the compass.

5. Chat Window

* Window for chat’s input/output and messages display
* An interface that allows players to communicates and interacts with other characters in the game.
* Use [Enter] button or right mouse button to activate the chat window to key in the messages, then press
* [Enter] button to send out the messages

6. System MENU/Window Menu List

* Display the diagram list and system settings MENU in each window
* System MENU includes 4 selections of server, system functions, online guide and end game.
* In the Window Menu List it includes Tools Inventory Bar (I), Character (C), Skills (K), Party (P), Gang (G), Missions (T), Friends (F), Map (M), Bank (B), and Run/Walk (R) all 10 items.

Here you can download Ran online

o2jam online +o2mania offline


New Features

1. Special Item – Power Ring
Upon activation of the Power Ring by the Host of a VS Room, it'll enable the Players/Guests to join in the VS Room of the Host and play all the songs including P2P and Gems songs, in which the players did not buy, with the following conditions:

* The Host MUST have Power Rings in his account
* The Host MUST have bought the songs, downloaded the songs, and installed the songs into his/her PC
* The Guests MUST have downloaded and installed the physical files of the songs (.ojm and .ojn) to their PC

2. Random Speed
This is a new in-game feature called RX, in which upon activation at the "Select Music Window" will enable all the notes of the song to be dropped down at a random and different speed than the ordinary notes of the song.

3. Song Rankings

Another one of the new in-game feature that would categorized the players' result after every match accordingly as listed below:

F - Failed to clear the song
E - Cleared the song with

4. Skill Rings

To make gameplay even more interesting, this feature has been newly integrated. Now it is possible to have different note arrangements. There are two types of skills: the arranging skill and the sight skill. When arranging skill is used, it randomly mixes the original notes every time it gets played. When sight skill is used, it will suddenly hide certain notes. Since nothing is predictable while these skills are enabled, gameplay is more intense and exciting. Both of these skills are only available when the player purchases the ring at the item store. Also, when the room chief uses one of these skills, it affects the rest of the players in the room as well.

5. Find Friends Function
No one can doubt that the online game's distinctive speciality is its community.

Players would be curious to find out whether their close buddies are online or not. If they are, where would they be? In order to satisfy their curiosity, we came up with the 'find friends" function.

Its method is as follows:

First, you have to register your buddies by right-clicking the cursor on your buddy's name. Then after your buddy gets listed on your friends list, click on the "friend" button to check out their status. By doing this, you can be informed if your friend is online and if so, where you particular friend is. Now it is easier and simpler to meet your friends while players are still playing their games.

6. Short Cut Function
O2JAM supports shortcut keys of various functions in order to speed up the game progression.

The details are as follows:

F1 (while playing): increase the sound volume

F2 (while playing): decrease the sound volume

F2 (music waiting room): automatically selects a colour that other players did not pick

F3 (music waiting room): means 'START' for the room chief and 'READY' for rest of players

F5 (while playing): can change the shape of the notes to the user's taste

F6 (while playing): can adjust the note guidelines in 4 levels

F7 (music waiting room): switch the note effect to 3D and 2D mode

F8 (music waiting room): switch the cursor to window-cursor and image-cursor

F9 (music waiting room): switch the equalisers to on and off

Print Screen (anywhere): Takes a screen shot. The screen shot gets saved in the "Save" folder, which is located under O2JAM program files, as JPG format.

7. Top 1000 O2Jammer Ranking
Among the O2JAM users, what would be my ranking? Who then, really is O2JAM's best player?

The majority of O2JAM players probably have thought about the same question before. Here's the way to find out the answers to your questions. The 'Top 1000 O2Jammer Ranking' function has been added to give you this answer. Through this function, players can see ranks up to 1000, which is carefully chosen based on players' experience level. Your level can be checked in the game or at the homepage at anytime. If your rank is too low, it will indicate the term, "out of rank". But don't get too disappointed with your ranking because if you try a little harder than before, your rank will shoot up to the sky!

8. Expansion Of Item Slot
The number of item slots has been increased. With the expansion, users are now able to equip different elements such as, headwear, musical props, accessories, and even a personal pet. Also, it can allow you to change the shape of your face. With more item selections than ever before, let's decorate ourselves with much creativity!

9. Set Items Sale
As explained above, with more item selection available, the desire to decorate their avatars in distinctive ways will rapidly grow among players. In order to satisfy their needs, various item sets are available. These set items are normally formed with certain special themes. The great advantage of buying the set item is that it is much cheaper than buying all the items separately.

o2Mania offline

Benefits of o2mania

  • It is your alternative about upgrading your O2jamming skill
  • o2mania including different songs from o2jam song nx
  • It have hidden,panic,dark and hidden skill
  • frequency of the song can be adjusted
  • speed of the song can be adjusted
  • can repeat your weakness part to improve it

  • Here you can download your o2mania offline